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We are iNet Web Designing Company

Founded in 2004, we started as a creative agency with a 3 member team. Our growth within the span of 15 years has been expntial, making us reach several milests along the way. We have reached an endowed position where we are now capable of resolving complex real world problems with our ERP and CRM softwares.

We have gathered a large client base of over 30,000; with more than 80 different products from 140 different countries on a global scale. We have been successful because we don’t just focus on acquiring new clients but taking good care and retaining our existing clients with our team of dedicated employees.

We have always been the single point of contact for innovative and inspiring ideas with our strong technical knowledge in the field of web designing and developing and delivering the products on-time, every time. We shape our client’s dreams become reality by providing them with world class solution.

IT services offered:

  1. 1) Clone Scripts
  2. 2) Web Design
  3. 3) Web Hosting
  4. 4) Mobile Development
  1. 5) SEO Company
  2. 6) Ready-made scripts
  3. 7) E-mail databases
  4. 8) Readymade Products