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Responsive web design

We specialize in web design. Web design differs from other forms of graphics design because the means were the work is displayed changes constantly. The designer does not know beforehand on what device or screen analysis the visitors will see the site. That’s why a good web designer apart from a pretty static image has to produce a flexible graphics system that will adapt to the visitor’s device and screen.

Since websites are interactive, in comparison to magazine pages or posters, their design requires extra thought so they can be user friendly, display the information in an organized fashion and facilitate navigation regardless of the input device (mouse, keyboard or touch screen).

In Greek Geeks we apply the best practices of Responsive Web Design so the sites and applications we develop are easy to use and exploit to the fullest every device’s possibilities, whether that is a desktop, a tablet , a smartph or even yet an interactive info kiosk. Our own Greek Geeks website is a perfect example of responsive design. Try to resize your browser or visit it from a smartph and you will see the elements of page rearranging for easy reading without the need of zooming or panning.
We do not use ready-made templates, (unless you specifically ask us to do so), in order to create a unique design that matches your company’s visual identity and your brand’s aesthetic standards.


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