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We love Austin for its strong community, and a top priority for us has been and will always be helping the community grow and thrive. We hope you’ll join us for an event and look forward to seeing you around town!

IoT & Connected Devices

What if toys could educate, interact, and communicate directly with children? Using iBeacon technology and Android wear, we created interactive “smart” toys that enabled kids to play and learn in a completely new way.

Apple Watches & Android Wear

By creating custom software and mapping gestures to the Apple Watch accelerometer, we transformed the Apple Watch into a controller for a Parrot dr – flight at the flick of your wrist.

The Internet of Things map project

Driven by exploration, Praetorian, an Austin-based information security company, wanted to see how many connected devices were really in use. They sent an IoT-sniffing dr into Austin’s skies and gathered data! We partnered with the team at Praetorian to launch a native iOS extension to their IoT Map.

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100 USD

Mobile Development

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