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SEO is how you are going to get found on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization - Increasing Your Search Organic Engine Ranking Results to The Top of Google.

Making sure your website is visible in front of potential customer's eyes when they are intentionally searching for products and services you can best provide. Outsmarting your competition.  As SEO increases your organic search results up to the top Google you displace your competitors.  Your search traffic increases. They move down. 🙂

SEO is a broad term of a hundred different little digital online content process and techniques.  Half are d on your website and half elsewhere on the internet; also known as on-page and off-page SEO. Fine tuning, optimizing, perfecting all of the long-tail keyword search terms, incoming links, meta-tags, snippets, mobile usability, page loading speed, structured data, URLs, content, images, HTML and code on the backend of your website to increase your ranking positions towards the top of Google.  We have the right software tools to provide your company with the best white hat SEO services at a competitive price.  Move up to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Increase your Google Rankings & Visibility.

Marketing Integration

Integrating your Website SEO Plan with you overall business objectives and marketing plan are critical.

Website Evaluation Reporting

Completing a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the current state of your website creates the foundation for your SEO  Plan.  This includes the content of the website and how closely it matches your keyword search goals, technical details of the backend and how well it performs with Google, and your competitive position.

Search Keyword Research

Choosing the Search Keywords to optimize using a combination of the business owner"s experience, scientific data tools, Rob"s experience.

Website Evaluation Reporting

Ongoing evaluation reporting to track SEO results.

Search Keyword Rank Reporting

Collecting detailed keyword ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo to correlate with Google Analytics Data.

Website Optimization

On-going steps both on your business website and elsewhere on the Internet to boost your company"s site towards the top!


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