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We’re all about meeting your needs, finding solutions to your problems, and growing your business. We’d rather talk about you than us. Still, maybe you have questions about us and why we’re so dedicated to growing your business. You can learn more about our company and discover the answers to all your questions by browsing the sections below: Company History, Our Commitment, Staff and Why You Should Choose Us over other web design companies!

HireAWiz was created in 2001 as a small Phoenix web design and development company. We were founded under the philosophy that drinking gourmet coffee or wearing ultra-hip sandals wasn’t the way to impress clients. Being cool doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t produce results. So instead of trying to convince others that we were of those cool, ego-driven design firms, we instead focused on building online brands – and results – for our clients. That simple business philosophy allowed us to grow into a powerhouse team of web designers digital marketing experts that serve clients all over the world. Today we’re still dedicated to growing your business and meeting all your marketing, technology and design needs. So contact our team today to find out how our talented pool of professional developers, designers, technical support and marketing staff can take care of your website and marketing needs. Click here to find our why our clients think we are the best web design company.

We know you’ve been shopping around for developers. You already know you have a lot of other web development companies competing for your business. So why choose us? Simple! Because when you choose HireAWiz, you’re dealing with experts who not only know about technology and design, we also know about marketing. We understand your business. And we know exactly how to turn pixels on your screen into profits in your pocket. Here are a few great reasons to make HireAWiz your first choice for your design, development and marketing needs…

We’re Committed to Satisfying You.

We’re a team who values customer service above all else. You can be assured of always getting a response, whether you call or email us. We’re never too busy to talk to you, because our business is all about making you (and your customers) happy. We’re a big enough company to give you professional service and but we’re small enough to also give you our undivided attention.

You’ll Get Access to Our Highly Creative Team.

We’ll design and develop your site to create the perfect balance between great design and user‐friendly simplicity. Your prospects and customers will be impressed. We don’t just take an off the shelf template and try to make it work for your business. We build a custom solution that works for your business needs.

You’ll Get Feature-rich User-friendly Designs.

You’ve seen websites and applications that were beautiful, but awfully hard to navigate or use. And on the flip side, you’ve no doubt seen user-friendly sites that looked like they were made in 1995. When you work with us, you don’t have to pick or the other. We’ll make sure your websites are both visually stunning and amazingly intuitive.

You Can Expect Value.

You don’t need deep pockets to get great service and a team of experts at your fingertips. Contact us today – you might be surprised just how affordable it can be to put HireAWiz to work for you.

We’ll Listen to You.

Have you ever invested a lot of time and effort into working with some, only to realize later that they didn’t listen nor understand what you were trying to tell them? Our team is different. We invest a lot of time upfront listening to you to truly understand your needs and your vision. We’re not going to guess and give you what we think you want. Instead, we’re going to turn your vision into a reality that’s even better than you imagined.

You’ll Get Decades of Experience Working for You.

We have a dedicated, experienced and creative team with decades of experience at your beck and call. Let our talented pool of professionals do what we do best and let you focus on your business.

You’ll Get a Partner.

You get a partner who understands marketing, understands business, and knows how to turn pixels into profits. We know that your success directly impacts our success over time. That is why we’ll make sure all compnts of your business blend flawlessly into your business model and mission to ensure success.

We’ll Exceed Your Expectations.

You’ll be surprised at how we can turn your ideas and concepts into a beautiful website, a functional mobile app, a profitable e‐commerce solution, or an eye‐catching design. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. Put us to the to see for yourself!

We’re Your Experienced, One-stop Shop.

No more running around the web trying to piece together a team who can handle all of your design, development and marketing needs. Now you can save time and my by getting your entire team all under roof. Plus our specialists know how to work together to make sure every part of your business (including design, development and marketing) fits seamlessly into your overall business model.

You’ll Get Quotes and No Surprises.

When we give you a quote, that’s what you’ll pay. You’ll be surprised at the great job we do for you, but you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees.


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