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To create the best solutions for our clients, we must put the user at the heart of everything we do. Over the years we have developed four foundational ways of working that underpin everything we do.

The daisy model means that our studio is organised into project teams instead of departments.

In this flat structure our team answers directly to their collaborators, mentors, and peers – everyone in Screenmedia has the authority to make decisions, take on responsibility, and steer the company towards opportunity. It’s a lot of responsibility, but we know that working flat lets our teams work together more efficiently, learn new things, and create more; and this results in superior products for our clients.

Design thinking isn’t just for designers.

As a methodology for innovation, it demands the creative and analytical talents in our team come together and combine their knowledge to solve challenges. As a method of working it allows our teams to think laterally, solve old problems in fresh and exciting ways, and utilise our contrasting viewpoints to create better products. For our clients, this means that we transform insights into innovation that drives measurable and sustainable business growth.

Working agile offers our clients greater flexibility, collaboration, and increases the speed at which they can release products to market. For us, utilising agile methodologies allows for iteration and improvement around user insights throughout the project life cycle, resulting in higher quality, more user-centered products.

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