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A “front end technician” is a designer that creates the “look and feel” or design of a web site. We focus on the usability and aesthetics of design. Today’s browser differences between Internet Explorer and Firefox are nothing compared to issues faced in 1997 when we first started building sites here in the San Jose Bay Area. This long term experience allows us to have pixel precision, and a solid understanding of what affects layout in different browsers. What does this mean for you? It means your website will look beautiful, nothing out of place or overlooked.

We create beautiful, compliant and highly functioning web sites; written with effective calls to action.We are proud of every project we work on and so are our customers. Our commitment to your success extends well past your design and go live stage, you can count on us as your marketing experts for years to come.If you want to learn more about FrontEndTech, please request a quote.

Steve Scheinberg (pronounced: Shine-Berg) brings over nineteen years of web design experience to your next project. Current experience with building and production of over 200 local web sites, a keen eye for detail, a quality assurance background and a vast knowledge of Web Design, HTML, Analytics and SEO. Steve brings work experience from Advance Auto Parts, Altera, Xilinx, Macromedia, Indian Motorcycles, Cisco, Palm, Veritas, Exodus, AT&T, Sybase and hundreds more.

Personal: Steve Scheinberg was born at Stanford hospital, grew up in Sunnyvale, then later moved to Mountain View in 1982 and has lived in the Bay Area ever since. San Jose is now home, but a mere 10-15 miles from my original starting point. Steve is an avid motorcyclist, both dirt trail riding and street for over 30 years. When not at the computer coding web sites, playing pinball or riding, you will find Steve with his cattle dog Maya at local dog parks and beaches.

FrontEndTech has the reputation of building quality web sites since 1997. This year’s goal is to increase public’s awareness of our company, and to work with direct marketing techniques. With a passion that burns far past the “dot-bomb” era, FrontEndTech will be building web sites of tomorrow and beyond.

FrontEndTech guarantees to deliver exactly what is outlined in both the proposal and contract. We guarantee our code is well formed and fully ed for functionality. FrontEndTech offers 10-day limited maintenance after go-live date. Any defects or changes needed will be addressed within 48 hours of notification. We also guarantee that our final invoice will be exactly what we quoted you, unless you have added additional features or web pages. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

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