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Amy studied graphic design and received her BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma. She started designing professionally as an Art Director for an ad agency in 2006 and from there worked for a design group building websites and designing for hundreds of companies.

Sam came to the United States for studies and earned his BSC at Lee University. He has shared the gospel across the globe. In 2000, Sam transitid into the medical field where he continued to care for people and learned the art of customer service.Amy and Sam are real people with real lives, which means they deal with real-life issues, just like every else. Balancing work and family responsibilities is no exception. In fact, that's how the company began. Amy and Sam were new parents, trying to balance their careers with the growing needs of their family; both working from home as much as possible so that they could be the s caring for their son. Having a firm belief in bonding through babywearing, Amy wore her son from day . It didn't take long for her to notice the baby carriers on the market weren’t meeting their needs. A true creative at heart, Amy came up with her Ring Sling design that would soon be a hit in the babywearing world.

After a lot of hard work and gusto (and TONS of help from Sam), Amy was able to say goodbye to her design job in 2014. myheartcreative was founded in 2010 initially as a blog, but in 2014 the company launched their product line. With added team members, myheartcreative was further expanded to offer exceptional web and print design services to clients across the nation. Since then, Sam has begun working full time for the company and, with a presence in dozens of prominent boutiques, their products are reaching more and more families everyday.

myheartcreative now has its own studio location in downtown Bethany, Oklahoma, very much dedicated to togetherness. With a family room in the floor plan, bringing and/or wearing your baby to work is not only supported, it's encouraged. (Can we get an Amen?) They believe the work-family balance is possible and fully integrate family into their company. To them, it's all about togetherness. Through togetherness, they achieve their core values: always do what's right, do more with less, have a craftsman’s attitude, and deliver unmatched service, never letting it slide.


myheartcreative is dedicated to giving back. Giving back is the heartbeat of their company and the only thing they love more than helping their clients with beautiful print and web design, is helping families foster healthy child development through the use of their Ring Slings. And the business of giving back is booming; to date, they have donated:

over $13,000 in myheartcreative ring slings

over $23,000 in myheartcreative design services to nonprofit organizations

thousands of free myheartcreative babywearing consultations,and so much more through their family givings

Amy and Sam are thrilled to have their efforts backed and fully-supported by the babywearing community; businesses from New York to California have trusted their brands to the hands of the myheartcreative team. Amy and Sam feel more connected to their family and to their community than they could have ever dreamed possible. Yes, they still put in crazy amounts of work, but they are together. Still bonding. Still engaging. Still exploring. Still growing. Togetherness through beautiful designs. Contact myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design company, to join their family of happy clients.

We have the talent and tools necessary to offer a wide variety of expertise to our clients. But what’s talent without dependability? You can count on myheartcreative to work with you -on-, guiding your projects from imagination to creation. Our wholehearted passion drives us to focus on every detail with excellent service each step of the way. This is how we consistently craft quality designs while forming long-lasting relationships.

Amy Samuel originally launched myheartcreative, an Oklahoma Design Studio, in 2010 to share her work and her thoughts through online blogging. Today the studio is managed by partners Amy and Vinod Samuel. The team of owners, along with talented creatives and seamstresses, are dedicated to the art of making. myheartcreative focuses on the everyday viability of the individual, business and non-profit.


We take an interdisciplinary approach to design and strive to make meaningful connections and engaging experiences. We believe in the hard to explain, but oh so mystical creative z. We strive for experimentation, collaboration and exploration.


The partners, makers and thinkers live out their core values daily: always do what's right, do more with less, have a craftsman's attitude and deliver unmatched service, never letting it slide.


The mission of myheartcreative is to support, discuss, and participate in creative expression.As a local Oklahoma design company, when it comes to our process, we stay focused on the most important aspects of getting the job d--people and projects.

We work -on- with our design clients (our VIP) in order to provide a smooth and enjoyable process for both parties. Our clients meet directly with our Creative Director on every project, so they know our creative team is hearing their big ideas without a middle salesman muddying up the message. Working directly with our team means we are more accessible, engaged and invested--ensuring your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

Below you will find the standard process for logo design and website design. Keep in mind our main objectives when walking through the design process include:

uncover the challenges, needs, and goals of the company

craft the right messages, colors, shapes, pixels, and images that solves the previously listed item

deliver logos, websites, designs and more that tell your brand's story and meets your organisation's goals for the project at hand.

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