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Dynamic Websites


A dynamic website uses a database to gather, manage and display information automatically, based on the criteria the user selects.

Dynamic websites contain Web pages that are generated in real-time. When a dynamic webpage is accessed, the user requests information which is passed to the database and the result is sent to the users Website browser. Dynamic websites are the most popular kind of websites for companies, where content needs to be changed instantly such as shops that have regular product additions

Some of the key advantages of a Dynamic website are as follows:

  •   »  Dynamic Website Development generates fresh content which can boost a brand's Search Engine Optimization campaign
  •   »  Easier Maintenance and Content Updating
  •   »  Products and Content automatically updated

    Static Websites

    Website is an increasing importance of business life, whether it's a small business or medium size business (SMB) or big corporate firm, need a good presence online to hook customers. Having a website has become mandatory for all the firms irrespective of the size and nature of the business.

    Our small business web design services are perfect in the direction of making your website work for your business to grow locally and globally. We create affordable and bespoke website design for small businesses that creates a word of mouth about your services or products or contact details to the audiences.

    Some of the key advantages of a static website are as follows:

    •   »  Static Websites can include complex graphics and JavaScript features
    •   »  Static websites are generally the cheapest website type
    •   »  Search engine friendly
    •   »  Easier to make changes to the layout compared to more complex websites

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