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Digital Loom is a full-service website design and development agency specializing in the Drupal content management system. We serve higher education, non-profit, and corporate clients in the Boston area and beyond. Get in touch to see how we can help!

Web Design & Branding

Your brand identity communicates the unique personality, values, and mission of your organization. (Well, it should.)

Clean, professional, attractive, sophisticated, engaging—we've got it down to a science. We want the look and feel of your website to strengthen your brand, enhance your content (not upstage it), and give your visitors a sense of peace and serenity in the chaotic world of the web. Lots of revisions and a collaborative process ensure you end up with a design you love.

Responsive Web Design

Get your website rocking on desktops, phs, tablets, and devices that haven’t been invented yet.

Responsive web design has become a bit of a buzzword, but it's no passing trend. It ensures that no matter what size screen your audience is on, they get a streamlined user experience. (Try resizing this site in your browser window to see what we mean!) Since it dynamically reformats the layout based on screen size, rather than what kind of device it is, it’s future-proof as new phs and tablets come out.

Drupal Web Development

We chose to build websites exclusively with Drupal in 2006, and haven’t looked back.

Drupal is flexible, powerful, and open-source, which is why it’s our web content management system of choice. We’ve developed deep expertise with both Drupal's core functions and its wide variety of useful contributed modules—and we write our own.

What does all this mean? It means you can tell us what you need your website to do and we'll make it happen. We build everything from simple brochure websites to humongous content-rich websites with complex software integrations. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, just get in touch. Oh, and check out our article on choosing an open-source CMS.

Usability Testing

Don’t take our word that visitors will find your new website easy to use—ask them.

Watching actual humans try to complete common tasks on your website is a wonderful mix of nerve-wracking and eye-opening that goes a long way toward creating an intuitive user experience. Sure, we have tons of experience planning, designing, and building websites, but usability ing never fails to teach us something new. Read our case study on usability ing to learn more about why we’re such big fans.

Collaborative Development

Planning gets us 80% of the way toward the website you want and need. Here’s how we get the other 20%.

Collaborative development is a process we invented a few years ago when we noticed a trend: inevitably, no matter how much careful planning we do, clients always want to change things about a website once they see it in action. Always.

So rather than delay the launch or bombard you with change orders (and invoices) at the end of a project, we now build in collaborative work sessions where we fine-tune the website just they want you want it, after you’ve had the luxury of trying out a prototype. Our clients love it, and so will you! Check out our article "How Collaborative Development Saves You Time, My, and Sanity" for more information.

Training & Documentation

What good is a website that nobody knows how to use? We’ll never leave you in the dark.

First, we always customize the administrative side of your website, so that it's incredibly easy to use. Then we teach you how to control the site while it's still in development, so that you and your staff can become comfortable with it early. By the time it launches, you'll be experts. If you forget how to do something, you can always refer to our custom documentation, replete with screenshots, that cover every aspect of your website’s management.

Drupal Web Hosting

Your website has to live somewhere. Preferably, somewhere reliable.

We are proud to have partnered up with BlackMesh, a leader in Drupal hosting. Here's what you can expect with our hosting packages:

Thanks to our cloud server setup, your website performs well no matter what kind of traffic you get.

We routinely perform Drupal security updates to keep hackers out.

Your data is backed up every day.

You can add tech support to your hosting package at affordable rate.

After-hours emergency support through BlackMesh.

If you've been fighting with an unresponsive and unreliable hosting service, or you wonder whether your website is as secure as it could be, you should definitely talk to us.

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