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We always aim to satisfy all our clients' needs and after that go the extra mile to help the product succeed. Our first priority is always code quality. Check out couple of our products and start Your own.
We are a team of creative, open minded, skilled and fun loving engineers. What brings us together is the love of good quality code. Would you like to embark with us on our quest to excellence.

Over the years, we have gathered experience to deliver ambitious software products.We are proud to currently to work on the automated code review for the web and mobile that combines static code analysis with machine learning to help developers write code that is robust, secure and easier to maintain.Codebeat is a tool that gives You instant feedback on Your code. It performs static analysis that focuses on complexity, duplication and best practices. Curently we support Swift, Obj-C, Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Kotlin and we are working continuously on adding new languages like Elixir and JavaScript.

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